Week 1 Story Telling: Self-Portrait
Week 2 Composition: Rule of Thirds Motion
Week 3 Inspiration: Black and White
Week 4 Story Telling: Warmth
Week 5 Composition: Symmetry Landscape
Week 6 Inspiration: #NoFilter
Week 7 Story Telling: Love Story
Week 8 Composition: Leading Lines
Week 9 Inspiration: Mood
Week 10 Story Telling: Hometown
Week 11 Composition: Fill the Frame
Week 12 Inspiration: Trash
Week 13 Story Telling: New Beginnings
Week 14 Composition: Center Frame Portrait
Week 15 Inspiration: Anonymous
Week 16 Story Telling: Shadow
Week 17 Composition: Balance
Week 18 Inspiration: Weight or Mass
Week 19 Story Telling: Aging
Week 20 Composition: Negative Space
Week 21 Inspiration: Serenity
Week 22 Story Telling: Stranger
Week 23 Composition: Leading Lines
Week 24 Inspiration: Who inspires you
Week 25 Story Telling: Freedom
Week 26 Composition: Geometry
Week 27 Inspiration: Gratitude
Week 28 Story Telling: Your Culture
Week 29 Composition: Depth of Field
Week 30 Inspiration: Exit
Week 31 Story Telling: Friends and Family
Week 32 Composition: Frame within the Frame
Week 33 Inspiration: Tell a Lie
Week 34 Story Telling: Color without Color
Week 35 Composition: Symmetry Portrait
Week 36 Inspiration: Your Habits
Week 37 Story Telling: Seasons
Week 38 Composition: Rule of Odds
Week 39 Inspiration: The Elements
Week 40 Story Telling: Modern Convenience
Week 41 Composition: Color Theory
Week 42 Inspiration: Work Work Work
Week 43 Story Telling: Film Noir
Week 44 Composition: Viewpoint
Week 45 Inspiration: Musical
Week 46 Story Telling: 7 Deadly Sins
Week 47 Composition: Rule of Thirds Emotion
Week 48 Inspiration: Current Events
Week 49 Story Telling: Storms
Week 50 Composition: Patterns
Week 51 Inspiration: Food
Week 52 Story Telling: Self-Portrait


source: https://dogwood.photography/52weekchallenge2019